You Would Think…

That it would be easy to blog regularly now that I’m an old married man that has settled into the routine of eat, sleep, work and play. The unfortunate part that I left out of the equation above is the significant quantity of boring that results. No longer do I have the kind of exciting and fascinating life that makes for a blog full of interesting posts. Well, I don’t know that I ever had that exciting and fascinating life but I seemed to have far more stuff to write about before.

If I were to sum up things in just one phrase it would be HOV lane dog farts. We travel fast and far in the High Occupancy Vehicle lane every day on the morning commute. All of those single occupant vehicles in the other lanes crawling along look so frustrated by the traffic. I only mention dog farts because my step-dog who gets fed better food than we eat has made a point to share his foul emissions multiple times tonight. If only that hole could be sealed off. That would be the perfect dog.

My other occupation that consumes my time not at work would be of the home improvement sort. Wiring in a new dining room lamp, building and installing shelves and a desk in the den/office and so on. Photos, you say? I’m too busy blowing circuit breakers and what not to be taking photos. Lucky it’s a concrete structure and damn hard to burn down.

As the dog continues to rain down his assault of noxious gasses, I must make my escape to fresher airspace. Until next time, adieu.