“You Like Music?”

On a sunny morning we headed for Vancouver’s first park: Stanley Park. Being the off season it was hard to find anything to eat but in the end, chicken strips at Prospect Point provided the nutrition and calories for the long walk around the seawall. Upon finishing brunch we checked out the view from the point and encountered an overly friendly and cheery man who was trying to make friends with everyone. After a question or two to break the ice his true motives became clear when he asked if we liked music. Would we like to buy his CD? By the time he’d asked if we’d buy his CD we were in a full Monty Python “Run AWAY!”

Now if you’ve been to Stanley Park, you know that Prospect Point is one of the highest points in the park, if not the highest. That will become relevant in the follow up to this post. More immediately it meant we had to make a long hike down the hill to get to the seawall. I keep talking about this seawall, perhaps you’d like to see what it looks like.

That’s along the north shore of Stanley Park looking towards the Lionsgate Bridge with Grouse Mountain pushing through some clouds behind that. It circles the park completely and there are additional trails that chris-cross through the park connecting other attractions like the Aquarium and gardens. There’s a lighthouse, a “mermaid” according to Marnie, or Girl in a Wet Suit officially, and the nine o’ clock gun that still fires at 9PM everyday. If you’d like to see more about these, all the monuments and sculptures are here. One landmark that I did photograph was the totem poles.

Of note is the “shit hawk” perched on this totem. As you can see, he’s left his mark already. Interestingly, the group of totem poles at Stanley Park is the most visited attraction in all of British Columbia, according to the Stanley Park website. The history of the attraction is found at the link above as well.

Nearing the halfway point of the walk we were at the marina and rowing club which provides some terrific photo opportunities of the skyline of Vancouver.

To the left and connected by a bridge to Stanley Park is Deadman’s Island which is the site of the naval reserve unit the HMCS Discovery. That means fences with “Keep Out” signs and guards. With all that blue sky you might understand why we ended up with sunburns that day. It was gorgeous. I’ve got a few more photos worth sharing but that’s all for today.