Yes, I’ll be right with you

Okay, I’m back. Thanks for waiting.

I said we had a nice new view. Because everything on the internet is imaginary and fake I feel the need to prove our view.

That’s Mount Baker in the morning. It lives in Washington state and luckily we’re far enough away to not be able to tell how American it is. It looks lovely, doesn’t it? I took that picture one early morning so I wouldn’t have to get up that early ever again.

Sometimes things come across my lap, literally, that need to get onto the internet. Netbooks are the new Zubaz, so when I got to play with a brand new one I was intrigued.

1. Make a gun with your thumb and index finger. Prepare to be Tasered (Canada only).

2. Perform nipple stimulation to scroll up and down.

3. Peace, bro.

I found the nipple twist scrolling effect to be very difficult. If they redesigned the shape of the trackpad it might become more intuitive. The verdict: Netbooks are as dumb as Zubaz.

As the photos have done all the heavy lifting in this post, I’m certain there is one more obligatory photo. Flowers!

The lil’ lady likes them. I do too. Today is our 3 year email-iversary. It all began just 3 years ago today when she emailed me about her underwear eating dog. I’ve since experienced his underwear consumption first hand.

See you soon.