Where’s My Aloe Vera Slime?

Ah, another beautiful day in Vancouver. The fair weather permitted more outdoor activity so the VanDusen Botanical Garden post will remain in reserve. After some deliberation we decided to spend the nice day walking the seawall at Stanley Park, one of the world’s greatest parks. Taking the sweet new ride through town, we spotted one of the rare Canadian black eagles feeding in his natural habitat.

The seawall is 5.5 miles long, and we walked all of it. That’s a long walk and somebody, I’m not going to name names, is a bit sore tonight. Marnie says she’s sore too. Most of you probably thought that I was making a lame joke when I said Canada was the last undiscovered spring break destination. I kid not, as I slathered up in slimey green aloe vera gel after returning from Stanley Park with a sunburn. I’m not the only one with a sunburn, but I’m the only one who will put that slimey green goo on. It’s actually been banished to the “beauty product wasteland” under the sink and way in the back.

Before this visit to Canada I’d been informed of a shrine to me in the new car. Today, while taking several photographs of the new car, I photographed that too. I must say I’m quite honored to have a shrine driving around Vancouver in tribute to me. Oh, and in case you’re wondering, it’s Vanilla scented.