What Now? Hey, Let’s Make It Tonsillitis

Surely there’s enough on my plate physically and emotionally right now. Why on earth would whomever is in charge, give me tonsillitis…or what looks like tonsillitis in the mirror, when I shoved a flashlight in my mouth. Yes, I’ve diagnosed myself via the internet. Got a problem with that? Anywho, I’m tired of being sick and sore. My throat is killing me and I can’t even enjoy my Chai Eggnog Latte (a reward for suffering through that doctor’s appointment) because it feels too creamy in my mouth. Dammit, I LIKE this drink! I guess it’s off to make some Earl Grey tea, which I also like, but it certainly isn’t a special good girl treat.

My internet diagnosis didn’t come to a complete consensus. Can this possibly go away without me having to see yet another doctor? Because, if I have to fork out another large sum of cash because I’m out of co-pays and the guy merely looks in my mouth to earn his payoff, I’m gonna be really really mad. Although, hey, my insurance will cover antibiotics, just not my Lyrica because it isn’t yet approved for nerve pain. Can’t they just let the doctors decide what’s best versus $6/hour peons who send me papers every other day telling me what they won’t cover? Oh wait, lost my point during that last rant. Do I have to go to the doctor or can I stay home, rest, drink lots of fluids and have this go away and leave me in peace?