Time Change? What Time Change?

I think this is the first time I was ever taken by surprise by the time change. Too weird. We were watching the Leafs game last night (and I still love them, despite the abysmal blowout) and one of the announcers mentioned something about the time change. Leigh-Ann and I looked at each other, “Really? Is it this weekend?” We still weren’t sure until we woke up this morning to our omniscient computer clocks, which changed for us. Since we had so much extra time this morning, we decided to go out for a special once every couple of years treat – breakfast at McDonald’s.

Plus, since Starbucks is in the same parking lot, we of course had to go there too. I have never seen our Starbucks so crowded (our usual time there is 4p-7p), with people just lounging around and HUGE lines in the drive-thru. Also, as I looked around, I realized our neighborhood is so damned white. Well, at least the Starbucks crowd is. It was amazing the difference between the Starbucks and McDonald’s crowds, even though they’re in the same shopping plaza. The parking lot at Starbucks was full of fancy cars – a Dodge Viper, a BMW SUV, etc. The McDonald’s parking lot, compact cars and old trucks. It’s strange to see class differences just a few hundred yards apart.

A Cricket & Flippy health update – Cricket is doing fine. I guess it really was arthritis, because with a week of Rimadyl and some good weather, she’s fine. I’m still having trouble wanting chocolate. Yesterday, I attempted a chocolate Payday, but alas, didn’t like it. It’s not the Payday’s fault, I just wasn’t that into it. The steroids are freaky. The pain is a lot better, but yesterday I started having really bad bladder problems again, which extended into today. Leigh-Ann suggested that maybe the steroids were decreasing the inflammation so that my symptoms were going backwards. Everything started with back pain, then moved to my bladder and then my leg. Perhaps we’re going in reverse. Hopefully, all of the symptoms will disappear completely soon. Still, I’m expecting surgery anyway. I’m thinking that early December is probably a good time. We’ll go to the Liz Phair concert in November, have Thanksgiving and then have surgery, which will give me time to heal before the family get-togethers for Hanukkahmas. Our grocery stores deliver, so we’ll be okay living as hermits for a couple of weeks. Plus, if we really need anything, our nextdoor neighbor is always helpful.

I think the meds are giving me weird dreams too. Last night, I had a dream that Tie Domi’s son came over to my house and wanted my new hockey skates. That’s weird enough, but he looked like Sidney Crosby and was Sidney Crosby’s age. Also, I don’t have any hockey skates. I’ve never had any hockey skates. I’ll admit, the skates were pretty spiffy looking, so I can’t blame him for wanting them. I also had a dream that Tie had a healthcare blog. Yeah, as if he has the time or interest for that. Oh yeah, and part of my dream had to do with some hockey jersey I had hanging in the cabana near our pool.

Clearly, I dream big. Our pool doesn’t have a cabana, and any jerseys I have are in our closet. This one was apparently very very special. If only I could remember why it was special. I can’t wait for tonight’s dreams. I’m assuming that the Tie associated dreams came from watching the Leafs last night. Today, I’ve been watching football. Maybe LaDainian Tomlinson’s son (if he has one…although, it’s my dream, why would it matter?) will want my non-existant football cleats. Hey, if someone wanted my expensive baseball glove that’s in the closet, at least we’d have something based on reality, but noooo, people want what I don’t even have.