Things I Need To Post Here

I’m putting this plan out in public, so someone will make me do it, if I don’t do it myself. I can’t write a lot tonight because I unthinkingly agreed when the doctor’s office wanted to change my appointment from 3:30p next Monday to 9:30a tomorrow. What was I thinking? It’s all the way across town, during a time when people are probably on the freeway going to work. Ick, traffic.

Anyway, it’s just another tedious consultation with another pain management specialist. I’ll think he’ll be my third of just that type of doctor. As far as I know, the last one is still recovering in the hospital from his emergency heart surgery. If I had dollar for every hour wasted in waiting rooms in the past several months, I could buy a pricey dinner at least. Anyway, this doctor is supposed to set me up for a lumbar injection, but really, isn’t that what the last three doctors have said? I’ll believe when it’s scheduled, stays scheduled and isn’t cancelled right before the injection.

I have fifteen books sitting on my desk, waiting for me to write even the tiniest of reviews for them. And then, I can move them the heck off my desk. It’s getting claustrophobic.

I won my other fantasy football league the other week. That’s two first place trophies. That’s very gratifying to a person who isn’t able to walk enough to do a good grocery shopping trip. Alas, I’m in fourth…of four teams in one hockey league. Second in the other. Of course, I still have chance with plenty of the season left to go.

The kittens are four weeks old today and so incredibly cute! They’re starting to romp and eat on their own (okay, it’s only the girl who’s off the bottle and sometimes she sticks her face right in the food bowl) and most importantly…use the litterbox. Their little poops are so cute. I’m sure I won’t say that in a few more weeks.

I’m way behind on The Daily Factoid. I feel suitably ashamed.