The Maddening Adventure of Unreturned Calls

I called the doctor’s office again today. The person’s extension just rang and rang and rang and rang. Finally, I called Dr. FancyPants’ office and left a message for their appointment person, telling her that I was going to have to cancel two of my appointments (pre-surgical and surgery) with Dr. FancyPants because I can’t get Dr. $250’s office to schedule my lumbar injection.

I told her I was getting worse again (yesterday, the return of the, uh, butt pain) and that it was moving into my other leg. When I called her before and told her Dr. $250’s office hadn’t called me to schedule an appointment like they were supposed to, she called them and they called me that same day to schedule an appointment. Sure, one that was at least three weeks away, but at least she got them to call. Still, this is all getting ridiculous. I just want the stupid injection to see if it works. Gah!