The Daily Factoid – Telephone Calls

Remember the doctor’s office lady? Remember how she was supposed to call the next day (that was December 1st, for those of you keeping track), after talking to my insurance company? I thought I’d be polite and give her a little extra time. I called the office yesterday and spoke with her. She advised me that she hadn’t called my insurance company yet. No sirree. My leg getting weaker, losing bladder function, huge herniated disc…that apparently means nothing.

So, she said she would call the insurance company today and call me back. She made sure to ask me if I’d be home, as if that mattered. Did she call today? NOPE. I may have to contact my surgeon’s office and see if they can do something about this. I’m supposed to get this injection to find out if I need the surgery in January. If I don’t get the injection, that screws up the surgeon’s schedule. Well, and mine.

The more important a phone call is, the less likely it is that you will receive said phone call.