The Brief Meeting With Dr. $250

Okay, let’s say that it didn’t start out well. Leigh-Ann and I got to the office, and the tiny waiting room was crowded and stuffy. There wasn’t any room for us in there. Seeing that it was a sign of a doctor being very far behind, I asked the receptionist if I should leave and come back. She said I should go to lunch. Okay, so we left and went to Star Nursery and bought some burlap to wrap our Queen Palms because we’re expecting some very cold temperatures next week.

Our trees were pricey and we don’t want them to die. After we finished wandering around the nursery (the man in front of us at the checkstand…buying an actual baby! ::I smacked myself in the head and said, “Duh, nursery”:: ), I gave her another call. She said, “Oh, not even close!” Very promising, no? Oh, and I haven’t given you a timeframe yet, have I? My appointment was at 1:30p. I called the office from the nursery around 2:15p. I asked her if coming back at 3p would be good and she said it would. So, off we went to Petco to buy some air stones for the aquarium.

We got back to the office at around 3p and saw the same man wandering the hall who was there when we left. We found out that he (or the person he was with) was the appointment right before me. So, since the waiting room was still crowded, we sat in the hall. It was like being in college again and waiting for a professor to show up. Anyway, my name was finally called and I saw a very nice nurse. She asked a bunch of questions…which, uh, all of the answers were on the very long set of forms I had to fill out before I got to the office. Then, more waiting for the doctor. I think I saw him around 4p.

Seriously, 2.5 hours after my appointment was scheduled. And remember how I was complaining about paying $250 for a five minute exam? Heck, there wasn’t even an exam at all. He wouldn’t have even looked at the MRI if we hadn’t asked him to. All he went by was Dr. FancyPants’ detailed report that he was sent. I didn’t even have to be there! GAH! $250 and my presence wasn’t even necessary. That said, I like him. He has a good sense of humor, seems to know what he’s talking about and speaks very highly of Dr. FancyPants. Also, we found out that he’s building a new office that will be six times the size of his current one, so at least the waiting room will have enough chairs. We discussed the zero gravity chairs that Dr. FancyPants has in his waiting room and recommended them highly.

The story ends with us waiting five or more minutes while one of the women in his office finished a personal call. RIGHT IN FRONT OF US! Finally, she put the person on hold and told me that after she talked to my insurance company, she’d call me and let me know when I could get the injection. If my insurance allows out of network procedures, it’ll be December 16th. If they don’t (which, I’m sure they won’t), it’ll be in January. I really wish someone could explain to me that if I’m going to be allowed the procedure no matter what, why I have to wait until January. Everything between the insurance companies, the doctors and the pharmaceutical companies is such a scam. Or, it’s all just game between them to see who plays it better. The patient always loses.

So, I’ll be getting a lumbar injection to pump my back full o’ steroids. I’ll apparently be knocked out with Fentanyl and Versed for what I’m told is a five minute procedure. Sadly, I won’t be able to drive myself home because I’ll be a zombie.

Hey, anyone want to take bets that the woman from the doctor’s office won’t call me tomorrow? Okay, you all know a bad bet when you see one, I guess.