Stitches ‘B’ Gone

Today is my first follow-up appointment with the surgery. I’ll be getting my stitches out and hopefully finding out how they think the surgery went. Right now I mostly feel the same as I did before the surgery – some leg pain, a teeny bit of back pain, some bladder issues, but without any sciatica. I’m hoping the other problems (they do seem a bit lessened) may be affected by an irritated nerve that’s recovering from the surgery, and from having disc cooties touching it for so long. If so, then I can look forward to more healing. If not, then I’ll have to work hard in physical therapy and strengthen my back to help prevent future problems.

Oh, today I got a scary bill from the lab that did my pre-op tests. But, when I read further it got less scary. My crappy insurance company is erratic – this time in my favor. They paid over $800 for my lab work, and I only have to pay $75. I hope this bodes well for the surgery bill. Although, the injection bills are still coming in and I’m not sure if they’ll be $900 or close to $2000. They’re just more of the THIS IS NOT A BILL things. I can’t tell if I’m being charged by the surgery center and the doctor, or just by the doctor. Wheeee. It is SO much fun getting the mail every day now.