Stay Tuned

I’m going to pretend like I’m a kid again and post pictures of my school artwork. Leigh-Ann and I took a couple of classes over the last few days; one class in glass etching (mine didn’t come out, but for a simple reason, but Leigh-Ann’s did – it’s “truthy’), and one in dye sublimation. The dye sub class was great – the instructor was organized (not so for Mr. Las Vegas glass etcher guy & his wife…for $350 for both of us! We learned more from the woman sitting in front of us) and we made some quick and easy projects.

…feeding the dogs next door (to be continued)

Okay, back. Like 7 hours ago, but between then and now has been a bad Leafs game (Happy 1000th game, Tie Domi!), an episode of Survivor (which I’m quite ambivalent about this season), and the super fabulous return of The Amazing Race. Like every season, except the horrendous TAR: The Boring Family Edition, it’s already shown that it’s going to be a great season. There are so many teams I immediately like and not too many I immediately dislike (only Lake & Michelle come to mind).

I took pictures of two of the little projects we did in our dye sublimation class. A plaque and a sign. I really enjoyed the class and I’m ready to start making some stuff now. Perhaps we’ll start with mugs, since we have about a zillion blanks stored in the living room.