Started My Old Lady Drug Today

I started the Oxytrol today to see if it could help my overactive bladder that’s caused by the herniated disc. It’s two patches a week and they cost $10 a piece. Gah, that’s pricey. I put the first patch on this morning and so far my bladder doesn’t seem any better. I’m experiencing a few side effects too, like dry throat, sleepiness, and occasional slight wooziness. They’ve mostly gone away as the patch has had more time to work.

Ugh, this has turned into one of the bad pain days. A sharp shooting pain in my right, uh, cheek. The pain pills don’t work very well, but I hope it can take the edge off it. I’ll be happy when the surgery is done. Even when people say the surgery hasn’t been great for them, they’ve almost all had relief from the leg pain. That would be a nice start.