Spring Breaking

Yeah, that’s right. It’s spring break, folks. I just got back to hitting the blogging hard and it’s already time for another vacation. Just kidding, but I am going away for break. I’m flying where all the cool kids go for spring break: Canada. Who needs white sand beaches and bikini clad undergrads with absolutely no class or self-restraint.

Who am I kidding, apart from the temperature, Canada is no different. It’s really the last undiscovered spring break destination so I’m going to be ahead of the curve and go before the beaches fill up. Hey, when the so-called “Global Climate Change” melts the ice caps and the penguins and polar bears give up their firm control of Canada everybody’s going to want to move there. At least our commander-in-chief is on top of it.

My camera is packed and the battery charged and I know a Canadian who will let me use her internet, so you can expect to see my “aggressive blogging,” as it was recently described, continue. It will also be nice to get away from the neighbors peeing off their deck. Their collection of black garbage bags has grown to 5 and one of them is hemorrhaging empty beer cans and other refuse. It’s a terminal situation.

That’s all for now, I bid you adieu. See you again tomorrow Live from Canada!