So Very Very Very Tired

In the past few days we’ve had cleaning to do (mostly Leigh-Ann though, because oh so very sadly, I’m not yet allowed to do housework), having visitors over, going to the Strip to see them, adopting little Rory (now Vegas) the stray kitten out to them, getting Leigh-Ann her immigration immunization done at Public Health (ick), then my brother’s birthday party was today, on Monday Leigh-Ann has to go back to the doctor, and then on Tuesday *I* have to go back to my surgeon for my check-up. Even though all the family stuff was fun, we’re still very very very tired…and a smidge more than a tad sore.

And if you’re keeping track – another mail day, another day with a new doctor’s bill. Luckily, this time it was a cheap lab bill. Still, every…single…day.