So it’s not like in cartoons…

How many times have you seen someone smacked in the head with a frying pan in cartoons, TV, and movies? Lots, right? I know I have. Whether comedic or defensive or aggressive, it works, right?

When preparing for the long drive through Iowa I purchased some snacks and some drinks to make the ride more comfortable. Not those kind of drinks, Melissa – I don’t need citations for open container or worse.

I’m sure you all agree that cold beverages are better than warm beverages. With this in mind I went to buy some ice for the cooler. I was pleased to find ice on sale and I got a good deal on a twenty pound bag.

When I got home I noticed that it was a bit frozen together and solid. Perhaps this is why it was on sale. Being the resourceful fellow I am, I immediately thought of all those frying pan scenes while reaching for my frying pan. If it works to knock someone out, it should work to break up ice, right?

First, I shouldn’t have used an aluminum frying pan. Go cast iron, not aluminum. Second I shouldn’t believe that which I see on TV. Finally, I should have used the hammer that I used to flatten the bottom of my extremely warped & dented frying pan to break up the ice in the first place. Next time.