Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy…

…But It’s Necessary. – Ice Cube, Down for Whatever

A few weeks ago I told you that I landed the unpaid summer internship I was hoping for. Unpaid. There is no price I can put on the incredible experience I will gain over this summer.

Pamela asked me in the comments if I was going to start pimping my blog to pay the bills. I didn’t get into blogging to make money. For quite a while I scoffed at the blogs that had advertising while quietly admiring those who are so successful with advertising on their blogging that they blog for a living.

Experience doesn’t pay the bills, and things such as professionalism and confidentiality foreclose blogging about any of that experience. I’ve added advertising tonight. My hope isn’t to become one of those rich bloggers that can hang out drinking champagne while their maid does the cleaning. I don’t know if I’ll make anything at all, but my dream is to make enough to take a pretty girl out for drinks sometime. Maybe even to buy a PowerBall ticket and win big.

I also realized that if I have no money and I spend all my time either at work or at home, blogging about cleaning out my belly button lint and trimming my fingernails is going to get pretty boring after a while. Daddy’s got to put gas in the car somehow.

What can I say? My blog is my Ho, and I’m going to pimp it. If you disapprove, then I’m sorry, and avert your eyes because it’s all down hill from here.