Phone Calls Not Received

I called the doctor’s office again today. Had to leave a message because the woman I need to talk to was on the phone. That was around 3p. She never called back. So, who wants the phone number? Hey, or even the address. Ilona, the office is near Mountain View Hospital, so a visit to the office isn’t even out of the question. Actually, I think I’m going to call my surgeon’s office and tell them to cancel my surgery because I can’t even get in to get the lumbar injection, so I don’t know yet if I’ll need the surgery.

Perhaps they can get the ball rolling. Seriously, Dr. $250’s office didn’t even call me to schedule the appointment like they were supposed to—it took the surgeon’s office calling them, in order to get them to call me to make the appointment. For some reason, they were supposed to call me versus me calling them. Anyway, once I dropped the bladder bomb, the woman in the surgeon’s office had them calling me that very day. Perhaps they can work their magic again.