Ow, Ouch, Yeow, Ugh

So, I went to the doctor today. My left leg is still weak, painful and occasionally numbish. It’s so weird, and so utterly ever present. The treatment hurts, although I’m going back again tomorrow. Such great fun. If I don’t get better after two weeks, he wants to order an MRI. But the weird thing was, he said he wanted to see me again tomorrow or Friday, but if he didn’t see me tomorrow, he’d call.

Plus, he gave me his business card and said that number would reach him at any time. He didn’t do that last year when I went to see him with my sciatica. What, a weakening leg isn’t normal? 😉 Anyway, all was not lost – afterwards, Leigh-Ann & I went to Cost Plus and got some snacks. Coffee Crisp, dark-chocolate covered marzipan, some Swedish berries and other stuff.

Then, a free meal from Pickup Stix, because we’d had a really crappy meal there sometime last year and wrote a letter of complaint. It was that bad. They sent us $20 in gift certificates, so we finally got around to using them. Mmmm, Dan Dan Noodles, Cream Cheese Won Tons and House Chicken. So, a visit to the doctor turned into a lovely taste treat. And, now I’ve hit my pain limit for sitting on my computer chair. ‘til we meet again…