Over The Weekend, I Morphed Into a Full-Fledged Canadian

On Friday, we watched part of the Leafs game, then off we went to see The Las Vegas Wranglers play, as I told you yesterday. There, we touched (as Helly puts it) “The Holy Grail” of hockey, Lord Stanley’s Cup. And not only that, we met and spoke with “The Cup Keeper”—Mike Bolt. He also informed us that the Leafs lost in overtime; nonetheless, we thought he was a very nice guy. Very patient with the huge crowd. Oh, and if we thought we were goofy taking pictures of Carrot Top posing with the Cup, it’s okay because Mike Bolt was taking pictures of Carrot Top too, with his cameraphone.

Saturday was my super-indoctrination day. The day started like any other, waking up to birds yelling, dogs barking, or a cat strolling across my head. It’s not important how it started anyway. At 4p, I watched the Leafs play (and win!) on Hockey Night in Canada. I heard Don Cherry ask Ron McLean for a reminder about some hockey player’s name – he actually said, I kid you not, “That colored fellow.” Sure, it’s bad when he rips on the European players for no reason, and then mispronounces their names, to make it extra distasteful. But, “colored fellow”? But, hearing that is just part of the Hockey Night in Canada experience. After the hockey game, we went to see Colin Mochrie and Brad Sherwood. If you know who Colin Mochrie is, right off the bat, you’re probably Canadian. Oh yeah, and Colin is also the Snack Fairy.

To finalize the indoctrination, today we watched The Grey Cup. Leigh-Ann couldn’t even find it in our tv listings in the last week or two, and she ran across it accidentally. We missed the first half, but the second half and overtime made up for it. Wow, what a great game. I’ve never seen any CFL games before. It was so strange to see how huge the field was…and how skinny most of the players are, compared to guys in the NFL. I may even prefer the CFL to the NFL, if all the games are like this. I love the long bomb, and I don’t much care for watching a good game of defense. With the bigger field, it seems like in the CFL they have to throw more and further. Good by me.