Once, Twice, Thrice, Four Times Not Pregnant

I set up an appointment for tomorrow to get my pre-surgical tests done. I can’t believe it, but I have to take another pregnancy test. That’ll be four in the past three months. Really people, I’m gay and monogamous, I swear. I don’t want to pee in a cup anymore. Not to mention, I’m 41 and have a herniated disc, I don’t want to be pregnant. I like kids, I do, but sometime in the past ten years I realized that I was going to have to like other people’s kids. Anyway, tomorrow I get a chest x-ray, blood tests, an EKG, etc. I’m surprised that the local Urgent Care place has all that equipment. It’s not one of those hospital-like Urgent Cares, just a regular doctor’s office that takes walk-ins. Fortunately, the doctor is on my insurance plan, because it’s the only doctor’s office in our neck of the woods. It’ll be nice to have a primary care physician, even if I no longer have any co-pays left for the whole year.

I picked up my prescriptions for Oxytrol and Combunox this afternoon. Sadly, I learned that I have a $250 deductible for prescriptions. I don’t know how that works since last year I was only having to pay $10 for everything except the useless $90 Skelaxin. So, my meds today were $225. Eek. At least I know the Combunox (oxycodone & ibuprofen) should work somewhat, but it was $83 for the Oxytrol patches and I don’t know if they’ll do anything.

But geez, they’re $10/patch and I’m supposed to use two of them a week. I hope they’ll at least get me through until surgery, and that surgery will fix my bladder once and for all. No one seems overly optimistic about that, but I’m hopeful. Actually, no one seems to really even think about the bladder issue, except for me…and Leigh-Ann, who has to suffer when I’m driving and having a bad bladder day. It’s hard to believe that it’s not so common with other herniated disc patients that it would automatically be part of the healing discussions. But, apparently it isn’t. I feel super special.

When I got my bottle of Combunox, I thought it looked like an awful lot of pills. The bottle was a lot taller than the Lortab bottle, but I figured some part of it was an optical illusion. Until…the pharmacist called, fairly panicked. He miscounted and gave me too many pills. He wants me to come back so he can take the extras from me, otherwise he apparently gets into big trouble. So, kinda tedious, but I have to go back to the pharmacy tomorrow. I’m happy it’s only a few blocks away. See Mom, that’s why I can’t have prescriptions filled at Costco. You never know when your pharmacist will give you too many narcotics. smile

I hope this whole process is over soon, so I can write about more interesting stuff. Sure, this is interesting to the people who find me by looking up “nerve root block injection”, but for the rest of you, I know, not so much.