Nothing That A Little Lottery Win Wouldn’t Solve

Let’s see, I feel nauseous, anxious, panicky, depressed and anti-social. I’m in pain, can’t get a job, and keep getting new medical bills. The only part of the day that I find mildly entertaining is when the kittens do something cute. Okay, that’s fairly often, but still… So, how does one recover from life paralysis? I don’t even feel like blogging anymore. And oh, by the way, sitting in front of us at the Wranglers game on Saturday, “Dewey” from Malcolm in the Middle. Seems like a nice boy. It’s too bad the Leafs can’t play like the Wranglers. See, I don’t even care about paragraphs anymore. Although, I do still care about apostrophes, which is why I had to write to the new Red Rock Station hotel/casino about their commecial with not one, but TWO, apostrophe errors. It’s kind of pathetic. Hey, maybe I could proofread casino commercials.

The good news is that tomorrow we learn how to use our glass etching equipment, and on Thursday we learn how to use our dye sublimation equipment. So soon, we’ll be making stuff and (hopefully) selling stuff.

Update – the good news is…sometimes you whine and for some odd reason the universe shifts and you make three sales before you get up in the morning. If they’re approved, then I’m happy for at least 24 hours.