Notes From A Dentist Visit

1. Two years and eleven months may be too long in between visits.

2. When your dental hygienist tells you where it’s going to hurt and recommends ibuprofen, it’s bad.

3. When a cleaning takes an hour and it is more of an archeological dig to find your teeth, it’s bad.

4. If your blood covers so much of the bib on your chest that you’re not sure what it’s original color was, that’s bad.

5. At the conclusion of your visit and your dental hygienist is rehashing how bad it was, things like “some of the tarter was black, so it’s been in there for a long time,” aren’t good news.

6. When your Canadian girlfriend who likes to go to the dentist on a monthly basis reads this, she will not be impressed.

7. Either go to the dentist more, or never go at all.