Nerve Block Numbah Two – Updated

I’m having my second injection (selective nerve root block) tomorrow afternoon. I’m not nervous this time after seeing what a non-deal it was last time. I do, still, have a bruise on my hand from the IV. I hope the same nurse is there who did it. She promised me that she’d be very careful and that I shouldn’t bruise. Hrumph. Anyway, I’ll be gone all afternoon. I’m going to drive to my parents’, then they’ll drive me to the surgery center and then back to their house. I’ll rest up there until all of the meds wear off so I can drive home. The aching generally starts a few hours afterwards anyway, so I’ll be able to take care of that at home.

Update – after the injection – This time, the IV spot on my hand is doing much better. I’m doing slightly worse. I’m hoping it’s one of those feel worse before you feel better deals. The last injection point was rather painful and shot down my right leg all the way to my toes. My parents took me to this appointment, so I didn’t have to pay a stranger to drive my car through rush hour traffic. I went back to my parents’ house, rested for a bit, then drove home. I didn’t feel wasted or anything, and my legs were working fine. I felt a bit yukky and was glad to get home. Right now, both of my legs ache, like the feeling of Restless Leg Syndrome. My back aches a bit too, and I’m really really tired. For some reason, it took a lot out of me this time. Maybe because I drove home. Who knows. So, I’m sleepy & sore, just like the kittens are today, after they got their first shots yesterday. We can nap together.

Update #2 I must confess, the pain got to me. I took a Lortab. My legs really hurt. I expect things will be good by the weekend, like last time.