My Family Makes Me Sick

Literally. If the incubation period of the common cold is 36-72 hours, and my first symptoms appeared Sunday night, we’re looking at the culprit either being the Stanley Cup covered with cooties on Friday or being with the family for Thanksgiving on Thursday. Regardless, I feel like phlegmy headachey crud. I spent most of yesterday in bed, unable to get rid of my headache. And get this, I don’t want chocolate again.

Twice in a couple of months, it’s unimaginable. I’m feeling a tad better today than yesterday, but it’s really important that I feel okay tomorrow because I have an appointment with Dr. $250 (the pain management guy), and I’ve been waiting weeks for that appointment. So, I’m going back to bed. I imagine the blogosphere will continue on in my absence. Maybe while I sleep, my Blogrolling account will update properly again.