Minor Update – Pooch & Human

Cricket is still doing well while taking her Rimadyl. Even when Phoenix jumped on her back while they were playing, she still didn’t limp. She snarled and acted like she wanted to fight, which is the closest they’ve ever come to fighting, but her leg held up. Breaking up snarly little dogs is SO much easier than breaking up snarly big dogs. Snarly big dogs, you have to let them finish or try to distract them by throwing plastic trash cans at them…not that we’ve ever done that, no sirree. Little dogs, you can quickly swipe at them, while making sure they don’t bite you. Or at least, that’s what you can do with Phoenix & Cricket. Other little dogs might bite you, I don’t know.

A me update – the pain is much better. Now, instead of 7-9 on a pain scale of 10, it’s 2-5. It still gets bad when I move around too much, but I’m happy with the lessening pain progress. The weak leg and bladder stuff is the same, so I don’t know what that’ll mean as far as surgery goes. I’d like to avoid surgery, but I’d also like to be able to sit in my car for more than ten minutes without having to stop and stand up. It’s rather inconvenient.