Medical Bills Rolling In

In the mail today, we got the surgery statement from the insurance company and the bill from the pain management doctor. From what we could decode, my (selective nerve root block ) injections were $7000…EACH! Had I known, I would’ve just gone straight to surgery, or at least stopped after the first one didn’t do much good.

Okay, I understand that he has to pay all of the assistants and give money to the surgery center, but it was like a production line, with at least several of us at a time waiting with IVs in our arms. The procedure took maybe five minutes of his time. Let’s be generous and give him more time. Still, he’s billing $35,000+/hour. An HOUR.

My surgery was $19,000. I’ve had more than $40,000 worth of medical care this year. I just cannot believe that my injections were $21,000. They act like they’re no big deal – “Just come on in for a shot, and we’ll get you right home feeling better.”