I Hate Alcohol

No, not on general principle or anything. But last night, I thought I’d have a tasty mint chocolate cookie boozy beverage and all it did was make me feel crappy. Alcohol is almost always a huge disappointment to me. No joyous drunkenness, just a slight feeling of nausea and a headache. I wanna be like the cool kids and have a drink every now and then, but it just makes me feel lousy.

But just now, I downed a bottle of Gatorade (original flavor) and I feel great. In fact, I want more. Perhaps someone should study my genetics, because maybe it could be injected into alcoholics to help balance out whatever alcohol-enjoying genetics they have. I’m serious. Even in my younger days, when my parents would go away for the weekend and I had access to the bar, I’d think, “Here’s my chance, I’ll have me a Screwdriver.” I’d make one, take one sip and pour it out. Then, I’d go get myself some soda and watch tv. I think I have a light version of Antabuse running through my system at all times.