Hmmm, This Really Can’t Be Good

Most of the time I feel reasonably okay pain/numbness-wise; well, at least since I started getting relief from my chiropractic treatments and my meds. Still, I’m not the same as I was, say, three months ago. Granted, my back feels better because the pain has moved down my leg. It is nice to have relief from the back pain. But, every so often, my body comes up with a new symptom to remind me of the herniation—today, I developed some tingling on the outside edge of my left foot, near my heel. At first I thought it was neat that I could make it come & go, depending on which way I moved my leg. Then, after it reappeared when I was walking, it wasn’t that fun anymore. At least my appointment with Dr. $250 is only a few days away.

Those of you tiring of reading about my herniated disc will be glad to know that I’m going to spin off that category of my blog into its own blog. I figure with its own blog, that category can be more easily found by people with the same problems…versus those of you who want to see my “Idiot of the Day” entries.