Hi. My name is Mark and I have a blog.

I’ve been blog post free for one year.

I started blogging five years ago because it was what all the cool kids were doing. I’d dabbled in online journaling prior to blogging, but it wasn’t anywhere as addictive. It’s the comments, man. There’s nothing like getting dozens of comments from people you don’t even know that live all over the world. Kindred spirits, because most of them want you to come visit their corner of the internet and leave your mark on their blog too with another comment.

Memes were never my thing, though I did a few. Recipes and the Recipe of the week, that was my signature thanks to my grandma’s endless collection of old weird cookbooks.

And then, I married another blogger and quit blogging. What can I say? It was hard work being a full time dog walker for my step-dog. Of course, that couldn’t last forever and no longer is my sole responsibility that of walking and “businessing” the dog.

Life in Canadia is great. As you all surely saw in during the Olympics, the rivers flow with sweet maple syrup and the primary past times are beer drinking, fur trapping and hockey. The beer has more alcohol, my neighbors are way cooler and we’ve got a view that doesn’t include drunken hosers.

Unfortunately, I’ve got to get up in the morning and bait my traps so it’s best I get going. Maybe if I get some time after tapping the maple trees, I’ll post again.

I’ve fallen off the wagon. Eh.