Heh. Told you I didn’t care.

And I found out today, for certain, that I really don’t.

Today, I was googling Agramon because it’s my father’s last name, and when Jason and I are divorced, that is what I’ll change my last name to. No more SpanishhyphenRussian last name like when I was growing up. Of course, I will remain a Young if J. is opposed to changing the last names of our daughters along with mine, because the three of us will have the same last name. But if he’s ok with it, we will be Agramon family instead of the Young family.

Anyway, I was googling it to see if there was any sort of accent over any of the letters, just to be sure that my birth certificate was correct. I kept getting band names and song titles, so I googled my father’s full name to make sure. And bam, wouldn’t you know the very first result was of him, and the business he owns out in L.A. I looked at the information listed; the address, phone number and email.

And I closed the window without a second thought.