Four Week Anniversary of My Surgery

So far, there hasn’t been a miraculous change. Tomorrow I have another follow-up and then hopefully I’ll be sent to physical therapy, where we can make this surgery a success. Rah!Rah!Rah! I hope. Hey, the incision has healed like a champ. I only have a few little scabs left on it and usually it doesn’t hurt at all if I lean against. So I’m back to sitting normally on the couch and in the car, and I can lean back in bed.

I still have leg pain (but not as much), I still have bladder problems (some days are great, some are not), and my body suddenly wants to retain every bit of fluid that enters it (’cept yesterday’s stuff, ‘nuf said). My feet are rounded, like a caveman. My ankles get red pressure lines when I bend them. I still can’t put on my wedding/engagement/partnership/platinumthingthatfrightenstherightwing/whateveryoucallit ring. I took it off right before surgery, tried to put it on last week, but my fluid retainin’ digits said, “No way, Mark.”