Yeah, so I’m not going to see him on Tuesday. More about that later.

Okay, it’s now later. I think I left you with the message I left at Dr. FancyPants’ office, asking if getting the injection from Dr. Outlaw was okay with them. The answer was, “No, it’s not okay.” Apparently, Dr. No Está Bien does something differently. He also does his different thing in a surgery center, where he uses a fluoroscope. I guess I believe he does do something differently because he’s an anesthesiologist and Dr. Outlaw isn’t. So, I’m stuck with the $250/five minute consult, with no idea how much the actual procedure will cost.

To add more fun to this whole process, I went to my chiro yesterday. That was all fine and dandy until I went to pay. I’ve been paying cash this whole time because my chiropractor isn’t on my “plan”. But, when I initially started going to him last year or the year before, I chose him because he does Active Release Therapy and none of the chiropractors on my plan did. A week or two ago, the chiro’s office told me I had credit on my account because my insurance company had paid them a small amount of money. Small compared to what I’ve paid out in the past six weeks out of pocket.

It was nice, I had a few visits where I didn’t have to whip out the debit card. The fun all has to end when it comes to my insurance company though – they took some of the money back and instead of still having a credit on my account, I had a balance. It wasn’t a lot, but I’m getting really tired of this insurance rollercoaster. Not to mention, it looks like they won’t pay for my Lyrica either, which is about $150/month. Maybe if they’d stop sending statements every other day, stating THIS IS NOT A BILL, they’d save enough money to pay for some of these things.

The insurance company is lucky that my bladder is bothering me and I can’t concentrate, or I’d rant more about them. Bah, health insurance, what a scam.