Back In Black…And White And A Little Grey

Ugh, the day lasted forEVER. We first went and picked up my MRI and my x-rays, then we went to the first consult. Very nice office, with four (yes, FOUR) big leather anti-gravity chairs in the waiting room. Also, commendations from all over the world on the walls. And vending machines in the waiting room too. Bonus points for him. Although, I haven’t met him yet (real appt is 11/8), so we’ll see.

Then, we had to kill time before the next appointment, so we went to PetsMart to buy Cricket a new Comfort Zone refill. She hasn’t been happy about me leaving so often. Then, off to Borders.

I had to be at the second doctor’s appointment at 3p, even though my appointment was at 3:30p. I, uh, signed three pieces of paper. The doctor saw me at like 4:30. Mudpuppy read a whole book while we were in that office.

So, for now—his opinion of the herniation is like all of the other doctors, “Blah, blah, blah, blah…oh, that’s big.” I’m starting off with a prescription for Medrol (steroids) for five days and Skelaxin. Tomorrow morning, I get an injection in my back from the doctor with the coolest name to wield a needle – Dr. Outlaw. But, ugh, it’s at 9am. After that, I’m to schedule a complete physical – bloodwork, chest x-ray and EKG—because, I’m tentatively scheduled for surgery on 11/15…our anniversary. Wheee. Anyway, that’s just for his timeline purposes if the other methods don’t help the bladder and weak leg. Also, we have tickets to see Liz Phair on the 17th, so I’m not having surgery on the 15th. The week after, if necessary.

Where it stands: I work with the conservative methods and see how it goes. I talk to the other surgeon on 11/8. I go back to this surgeon on 11/9, as we told him I already had the appointment with the other surgeon.

I do like the surgeon. He looks really dorky (and white) on their website, but in person he seems like a friendly jock-type. And he’s black, has a nice handshake and dresses casually. He isn’t super-doctory, yet was able to answer all of our questions, and he listens. When he prescribed Flexeril, we nixed that because it turns me into a sleep zombie for 24 hours…and it doesn’t help me. So, Leigh-Ann suggested Skelaxin, which is one I haven’t tried yet, and he went off and wrote the prescription for that. Anyway, they so need to update his picture on their website, it doesn’t do him justice. Oh, and for the exam, I got the most awesome disposable shorts. They’ll be perfect for my hockey Halloween costume, as they look just like the super big shorts the guys wear, which, when they don’t have their jerseys on, look pretty silly.

Surgery sounds like a probability, but not an absolute…and it’s up to me.