Answers On Monday?

My doctor seems a tad, let’s say, concerned about the fact that I haven’t progressed with treatment. When I went to see him today, I asked him for a referral to an MD to get pain meds because this kind of constant pain is kind of wearing on me. I’ve had some pretty horrible back pain off and on over the past ten years or so, but it’s always gotten better after a couple of days. This time, every time I think it’s better, all I have to do is walk down the stairs to realize, it’s not going away.

Tonight, I did feel a little better than last night, so I’m happy about that and a bit hopeful. Anyway, the chiro had a referral, but the MD won’t be in until Tuesday. I thought I’d try the new Urgent Care near our house, but they closed at noon today and aren’t open tomorrow. There’s no way I’m going to Quick Care because the wait would be HOURS, with SICK people. Finally, the chiro’s concern (and perhaps curiousity) became too much, so he decided to take x-rays. The x-rays all look pretty normal, so that leads us to Monday. On Monday, at (blech!) 7:30am, I have an MRI. He said the radiology office wanted to schedule it for Wednesday, but his office pushed for Monday. And eek, apparently they pushed so hard that I have to be there before my eyes are even open.

Now, ordinarily, I’m not honest in such detail about my personal life, but this is for the search engines. I want other people to know why my doctor is so concerned, and that what I have (and they have) isn’t just us. With my back problems (and now leg pain and weakness), I’ve also had bladder problems. I can’t sit for very long without having to urinate. It SUCKS! It makes driving difficult. It makes concerts and sports events unenjoyable. I won’t sit in the middle of an aisle in case I have to get up a zillion times. Actually, it just makes leaving the house unenjoyable.

Fortunately, I’m not needing diapers or anything, but this syndrome, Cauda Equina is nasty thing that happens to a very small percentage of people with back problems. These are the symptoms that I have which concerned him: Severe pain in radicular (nerve root) pattern; loss of sensation: often tingling or numbness in the saddle area (I don’t have any problems with my “saddle area”); weakness: in legs, often asymmetric; bladder dysfunction; and loss of reflexes.

Yes, I know Cauda Equina is very rare, but I know that I have enough of the symptoms in order to concern anyone. I also know that I absolutely need the MRI to find out what’s wrong with me. So, if you’re some stranger wandering by and you have these symptoms and you’ve never really connected them all together; for instance, back pain and bladder problems…you need to see a doctor. I should’ve done it before I ended up with pain radiating down my left leg and before my leg became weak, but I kept putting it off. Don’t be the bad example that I am. Get help right away.