Another Injection Update – Zzzzzzz

I didn’t get the relief that I expected over the weekend, plus I had some extra low back pain versus just the usual leg/butt/sciatica pain. Perhaps it means nothing. Hey, the bladder seems okay this weekend though, so there’s that. No Depends for at least a little while.

I was debating whether or not to have the third injection, but I decided what the heck, may as well. At least that way I’ll have given the injections every opportunity to help before the doctors end up talking surgery again. Mostly, I’m just tired. Tired of feeling lousy. Tired of feeling like I can’t do anything to fix feeling lousy. It’s like a vicious unhealthy cycle in which I’m spinning my wheels.

Since I’m tired of writing about my herniated disc for now, perhaps I can start writing about more fun things. Like Skating with Celebrities! Or, kittens! We’ve given them some more freedom in the house and now they’re playing where the big cats play. They’re such cute little daredevils. It’s going to be sad when we have to give them up, but hopefully we’ve raised them to be good catizens, and they’ll make their new owners very happy.