A Full Recovery is at Hand

That’s right, late last week the tide turned and I immediately noticed the difference. While sitting in class at 11:30 AM the Hoover Dam of snot broke free and really started flowing. The 5 kleenexes I had taken to class were pushed beyond capacity as I was forced to blow a kleenex full every two minutes for the remaining twenty minutes of class. Yes, Ewww is right.

Cautious not to blazon my return to good health I held off on posting this until now. Since Thursday my cough has gone from a deep, room clearing rumble to virtually non-existent. My ears have since stopped popping so I can hear again, and despite murdering a couple boxes of kleenex, my sinuses remain relatively clear. Two weeks of that was more than enough.

Now I can crack my knuckles and get back to writing something worth reading. I’d hoped to bring you a new recipe of the week yesterday, but being sick and away leaves a lot of catching up to do when you get better and return home. Marnie’s car has not yet been found; school is school – I’m counting the days; the weather is cold – bitter cold and forecasted to get colder. I thought I’d lucked out and missed the worst of the cold weather while I was in Canada – not so.